Our services are offered as a basic set of packages that address the most common needs of our clients, but we will happily modify or combine packages to address specific needs. For information on what's included in our packages, please visit the sound, lighting, and staging pages.


All bookings must be finalized in person. Filling out this reservation request IS NOT a finalized booking. If no representative comes in to finalize your booking, BSSL will not be present at your event.

To begin making a reservation, either email us, fill out our Booking Request Form (requires Gmail account), or visit us during our open office hours. In any case, please make first contact at least three weeks before your event to ensure that we have time to plan with the utmost attention to detail. As equipment is limited, it is never too early to book an event; first come, first served.

Before we can plan or complete a reservation, we'll need the following information::

  • event date
  • location
  • the time that you have the location reserved
  • the time by which you would like BSSL to be fully set up
  • start time of your event
  • end time of your event
  • SA Account # (if applicable)

For more complex and sensitive productions, we suggest setting up a meeting with the Technical Director or General Manager. Events that may fall under this category include: larger concerts (especially those in which AA-Sound or Monitor World are involved), outdoor events, events taking place in the Events Center, events taking place off-campus, multi-room (i.e. Mandela and Old Union Hall utilized simultaneously) events, and fashion shows.

To make a new reservation, you may do so until two Mondays prior to the event without incurring a fee. Booking a system between one and two Mondays prior to the event will incur an additional 25% fee. Within one week of an event, no systems can be booked. 

Changing Event Time/Location may be done before one monday prior to the event without incurring a fee. Changing the time or location of your event between one Monday and 48 hours prior will incur an additional 15% fee. Changing the event time or location between one 48 and 24  hours prior to the event will incur a 25% fee. Times and changes cannot be changed within 24 hours of the event.

Changing a system between one and two Mondays prior to the event may be done so without incurring a fee. Changing a system between one Monday and 48 hours prior will incur an additional 15% fee of the cancelled system (for example, if you have medium lights booked and you change to small lights, you will be charged for small lights and 15% of medium lights). Systems may not be changed within 48 hours of the event. 

Cancelling an event may be done up to one Monday prior to the event without incurring a fee. Cancelling an event between one Monday and 48 hours prior to the event will incur a 25% fee. Cancelling an event between 24 and 48 hours prior to the event will incur a 50% fee. Any cancellations done the day of the event, or if the promoter neglects to inform BSSL of the event being cancelled, the group will be charge an additional 100% fee.

Accessories can be added up to 48 hours prior to an event. Adding accessories between 24 and 48 hours prior to the event will incur an additional 50% fee of the accessory price. Adding accessories the day of the event will incur an additional 100% fee of the accessory price.

All changes must be made in person and will require signing a new reservation.

To ensure that our engineers set up the systems how you would like them to, please make a representative of your group available at the location beginning at the "Shop Time" on the reservation. If you have media, music, or other sound or lighting cues, please make a representative of your group available to the engineers during both sound check and the performance. Any programs or lists of performances must be provided to the engineers at the "Shop Time" listed on the contract.

If your event goes past the "End Time" on the contract, you are given a 15-minute grace period. After that, the engineers may decide to continue doing the show or to break down the equipment. If they decide they will continue working the show, you will be charged an overtime fee for every hour past the grace period. Overtime rates are $35/hour for large systems and $28/hour for small systems.

If you are an SA group, you will be billed automatically through the Student Association the first week of the month after your event. You will receive an invoice in your mailbox stamped "Paid" when this transaction is complete. Unless your event runs overtime, there are damages to the equipment, or BSSL provides a reduction, you will be billed for the amount on the last signed estimate.

Anyone from your organization can make a reservation, but only the President or Treasurer can authorize the transfer. If someone who is not the President or the Treasurer makes the reservation, then either the President or Treasurer will need to sign a Billing Authorization form and return it to BSSL. This authorization must be signed and returned to BSSL before the event.

Non-SA groups including fraternities, sororities, administrative departments, etc. will receive an invoice in their email. This invoice is to be paid two weeks after receipt of invoice, or your invoice will incur a late fee. To remit payment, please provide either (1) cash in exact change, or (2) a check made out to "Binghamton Sound, Staging and Lighting SA Account #7400."

All outdoor shows will require three things:

(1) a generator and an electrician, or sufficient proximity to on-site 120V power installations
(2) a tent or roof to cover the entire stage and front of house area
(3) a contingency plan in case of rain

On campus, generators are provided by Physical Facilities.

If you need a tent in any location, or a generator off campus, we recommend Taylor Rental.

For safety reasons, BSSL engineers reserve full right to terminate a production on account of weather.


If you have any questions about BSSL policy or an upcoming event, please send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit us at our office.