Unless otherwise specified, all packages come with speakers, one console, full EQ controls and compressors, XLR and 1/4" cables, wired microphones, and DI boxes. With the exception of our smallest package, engineers from BSSL will be present and will operate the system from beginning to end.

Live performances will incur an additional fee of $50 to cover all necessary extra equipment (monitors, mics, cables).

It is possible to connect an iPod, laptop, or any other audio device with an 1/8" output to our sound systems. BSSL does not provide the audio files themselves (background music, sound effects, etc.), nor do we accept USB flash drives.
BSSL does not rent out wired or wireless microphones without the booking of a sound package.


Our smallest sound system, recommended for presentations, speakers or casual background music.
D-Sound does not include an engineer present throughout an event; however, a BSSL audio technician will drop off/set-up, and pick up the system. D-Sound consists of one powered speaker, one microphone, one XLR cable, and one 1/8" iPod/laptop interface.

C-Sound is a system designed for smaller venues, less performance-based productions, or outdoor events.
Requires at least 1.5 hour of setup.

Recommended for mid-sized and larger venues like Old Union Hall or the Mandela Room. Includes larger speakers for greater room coverage, and audio mixing equipment suited for both full bands and events with multiple varied performances (talent shows, banquets featuring multiple musical performances, etc.)
Requires at least 1.5 hours of setup.

A-Sound is functionally identical to B-Sound, but with the inclusion of subwoofers for a deeper and more powerful bass sound. Recommended for shows centered around dancing and other musical performances, namely bands and larger DJ events. Additionally, only senior engineers are cleared to operate this system, resulting in our most seamless and comprehensive audio package. Recommended for sensitive and highly-invested events.
Requires at least 2 hours of setup.

The same system as A-Sound, except with two extra speaker towers. Recommended only for the largest of venues (Events Center/West Gym/Peace Quad).
Requires at least 3 hours of setup.


Monitor World
Monitor World is recommended for large bands with multiple monitor mixes; book according to artist riders/performance requirements. A Monitor World is a separate sound console that sits near the stage, and controls the levels in the band's monitors. Note: Book early! Monitor World requires the availability of a second sound system in order to operate.
Requires at least 2 additional hours of setup.

Wireless Microphone

A monitor is a small speaker that sits on the stage and faces the opposite direction of the speakers. This is useful for performers to hear themselves while performing, and recommended for most musically-oriented acts.