BSSL does not do staging anywhere in the University Union. For stage questions for an event in the University Union, please speak with Orrin Kenyon, the University Union Operations Manager. His office is in UU-205W, and his phone number is (607) 777-3300.


BSSL's stage decks are 8' x 4'. Stages are billed by base price + man hours, meaning that the price varies based on how long it takes to build and take down the stage. Factors include size, location, etc. Our base prices prices are as follows:
24' wide X 16' deep X 3 or 4' high  $ 800.00
32' or 28' wide X 24' Deep X 4' high $ 950.00
36' or 44' wide X 32' deep X 4 'high   $ 1500.00

BSSL can also provide aluminum or steel barricade, and bike rack barricade. Our prices are as follows:
40' of Aluminum $ 650.00
40' of Steel $ 600.00
80' of Aluminum $ 1200.00
Steel $ 1000.00
Bike Rack $ 22/Section

For more information, please come to our office hours to make a staging reservation.