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The best way to book a show is by coming in to meet with our student-manager staff during open office hours. Our friendly staff will help you make your event as you envisioned it, we do any kind of event you can think of.  Our staff can get you set up with the right sound, staging or lighting packages to fit your events needs. If you are just curious, our website fully details all of our services. You can also shoot us an email at, where one of our student managers will gladly answer any questions you may have.

As a non-profit and to save money for our customers, we do not charge fees based upon the system that is being reserved. Instead, the majority of an event’s costs come from the labor involved in the production. This is why we do not post prices for each system online, because it depends on which systems were tailored to your event and the varying duration of event needs (setup time dependent on system, sound check, run throughs, show length, break-down time dependent on system). These all change the hourly quantity which in turn changes the price, so we say it is best to get a quote in person.


BSSL is an SA-chartered, non-profit, student-run company. We provide sound reinforcement, professional lighting, stage building, and general event production services to the university community. Student groups such as SA organizations, Fraternities and Sororities, University Affiliates and other groups come to us to book events.

Our mission statement as a non-profit, by-students-for-students, company is to provide the highest quality sound reinforcement, professional lighting, staging and event production services that we can, tailored specifically towards student groups, in a friendly, safe and cost-effective manner. We have a mutually beneficial relationship with both the SA and the University as a whole, which allows our passionate and dedicated team of student-managers to constantly improve the services we provide.

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