BSSL is proud to be a student operated company. All (almost 100) of our employees are students here at Binghamton, from Techs all the way to General Manager. If you’re interested in working at BSSL, we encourage you to apply.

Our 2023-2024 Hiring Round is now closed. If you are still interested in applying to BSSL, we encourage you to join our Interest List for next Fall!! We will be in touch when applications open next year! Feel free to email us at with any questions!


1. Download & Fill out an Application

2. Print out your application

We only accept paper applications at this time. Please refer to printing on campus for help finding and using your student printing budget.

3. Slide your application under our Office Door

Our office is located @ UU-B19 in the undergrounds of the University Union. Our office door is situated near the ping pong and pool tables.

Once you have submitted your application (by sliding it under our door [UU-B19]) You will receive a follow up email from us confirming your submission.

Please do not contact us regarding employment requests. All hiring is done through our formalized process in the fall of each academic year. Please direct all requests to our interest form.

Life @ BSSL

BSSL is by far one of the most flexible employers on campus. Our employees learn and work at their own pace. We offer competitive tiered pay with rates up to $21/hr based on experience, all learned on the job. A majority of our employees have no formal experience with sound or lighting equipment before joining the crew. All students are welcome to apply (with preference being given to those who have the most time remaining as a student).

Whether you work with our Lighting or Sound department, you’ll learn the trade and work with student groups, local and upcoming acts, and headliners (Doja Cat, Gunna, Post Malone, Green Day to name a few). You’ll work your way up the ranks learning from your co-workers and our management team all about your craft and how to run a crew. When you’re ready, test up, lead shows as an engineer, and call the shots, working directly with our clients.

If you have further questions about BSSL, feel free to reach out to our managerial team.