Employee Resources

As an employee of BSSL you may find the following links helpful


Our online employee system, SLUGS, is available at https://slugs.bssl.binghamtonsa.org


We have a variety of calendars you can add to your preferred client should you wish to keep up to date with upcoming shows:

Department specific calendar event times reflect shop time/load out for their respective events. The general event calendar uses event start/end times

How to add ICS links to your calendar
Google Calendar
  1. Navigate on desktop to the left column of the page and locate a section titled “Other Calendars
  2. Click the plus icon next to the “Other Calendars” title
  3. Select “From URL”
  4. Enter the URL from the list above
  5. Press “Add Calendar
Apple Calendar
  1. Select File > New Calendar Subscription (⌘S)
  2. Enter the URL from the list above
  3. Press “Subscribe
  4. Select your preferred options and press “OK
Microsoft Outlook
  1. Navigate to “Other Calendars” on the sidebar
  2. Select “Add Calendar” > “From Internet
  3. Enter the URL from the list above
  4. Click “OK

SA Documentation

Documents provided/required by the SA are available on their website under the Staff & Employees sub-section